Today current questions and comments I have gotten lately on this blog. I will do questions first, and then answer them, and then I will post comments. “We were in Xcalak and got out Tuesday; any word on what Earl did to that wonderful little pueblo? We hated to leave but couldn’t afford to get […]

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I got a brand new Dell computer with a huge screen from the USA the other day. I have been playing with it the last couple of days, and man it is fast. Someone brought it and a used Samsung Galaxy smart phone down from the USA for me. I had to cut a deal, […]

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I shared an article yesterday from Matador Network about 10 things that someone stopped giving a sh*t about when they moved to Mexico. The article was very popular, and had over 600 readers. I was sitting here last night, and I got to thinking, what are some of the things I quit giving a sh*t […]

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I am currently staying at the K’ay Kook hotel a nice little place in the 55 neighborhood, or Barrio 55, as some of us call it. I stayed here also when I first got to Mahahual. I stayed here for about two years, when I was working tours at the port. It is a local […]

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Originally posted on Costa Maya Mahahual: I was on the south end of the town the other day, and I stopped in at the Arenas Hotel. Arenas is a boutique hotel located south off the malecon on the coast road to Xcalak. It is at Kilometer 2.3 on the beach. What I found interesting was…

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If you ever are going to live in Mahahual, you need to know what a Tabano fly is. They call them Gadflies, or Horseflies in the USA. They hate them here. People here swat them, then stomp them with their foot, or crush them to make sure they are dead. They don’t bother me much, […]

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It is rainy season here now, and today I stood out in the rain talking and meeting cruise ship tourists. We were scheduled for two ships today, and only one showed up. It rained off and on all day, and to top it all off, I had a flat tire on my bike, and I […]

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