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We had a video made in Mahahual a while back by a singer named Tyna Ros. She is from Mexico City, and her and her crew stayed here in Mahahual at a condo. That is how I heard about it for the first time. One of the expats here owns a condo that the performer […]

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I have discovered that there is another person from the USA that has a blog down here, and she lives in Bacalar. I think they are from Texas. She follows my blog, and I just caught a glimpse of her blog, and she writes about living here also. I thought some of you might be […]

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My Other Blog

Just to let some of you out there know, I don’t post much on this blog anymore. I have another blog which I do from Mahahual, and it is current. The blog is http://www.costamayalife.com and it is all about living here on the Mexican Caribbean.

Stewart Rogers

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Time for this month’s comments and questions section. These are the latest comments and questions I have received on this blog. I try to do this once a month. People have told me they like reading all the questions and comments I get. So first the questions, then the comments. “Nice blog..good info amigo. Exploring a […]

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Today I got nothing. Nobody in town yesterday except me. So I really have nothing to write about this morning. So today some Mexico Travel Tips from Mexico Trippa website. I wish I had read these tips before I took off for Belize and Mahahual. If you have anything you want me to write about […]

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I have a new Samsung Galaxy phone that has a good camera, a lot better than my last phone. So I have been playing with it, and taking a lot of photos. These are some photos I took this past week here in Mahahual. I still have the problem of getting my finger in some […]

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Last week I did an article called “15 Things I Quit Giving a Sh*t about after Moving to Mexico”. It did quite well and got some good response. After that article, someone asked me if there was anything I missed about the USA. I got to thinking so I came up with this list. I […]

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