Liberación de tortugas cozumel

As you ever found something on the beach that makes you feel you found a treasure ???



It happened to me a few days ago , when making a hole in the sand , I found over 100 beautiful baby turtles sleeping and reclining one over the other , moving their little bodies with my hands awoke for the smell of the sea and the life instinct leads them to the road right to walk to the sea…


This happens every year in Cozumel , a beautiful Mexican island where with the support of government authorities and good-hearted people helps turtles which come to find free home in quiet arenas to continue the cycle of life …


This is not an easy way, not even for turtles, we still need to help them to come back home and find the same quiet place where now is full of restaurants, hotels and people…


Every year, hundreds of turtles return to lay eggs in Cozumelenas sands, which a few months later will be ready to go to sea , here Cozumel take care about not letting human development grows up .

This year I have the opportunity to experience this event, knowing Cozumel and beautiful people , including a family who invited me to support this noble cause , Cati Morales, Biologist Marine and founder of Playa turtles , a place where people like me can have a place to support ; she along with her son Damon Parker bought a small but beautifull  beach of Mexico to be there when the turtles need help against human predators , they just want to live that noble experience and give their lives for it, now you can experience it and like me, understand.
10636354_10203855901457046_2545112436470428989_oshe is a very beautifull soul woman

10582951_10203855794974384_1644039526545049444_ohe is very professional and dedicated man

It’s a rewarding experience to live with this atmosphere of friendship , support, love and life , finding a nest full of turtles asleep and awaken them with your touch, is the most beautiful experiences you can  ever  experience… I heard somebody saying now I can die!


Conservation, research and management ambental Cozumel


Support these people is need , but life guides to people like you and me, to know these places and donate, either financial or personal support, all is well received by the turtles …


At the time of release , you see them go and wish with all your heart to survive and  in 20 years later to return to the same beach where they can continue living in the new turtle babies born …

Good and long life to an intelligent and peaceful cutest animals on this earth.
who does not love … a turtle . ?


“Let life surprise you”

Denisse Sanchez Cozumel, Mexico.


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